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HI! I'm Seray

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Digital Artist 


"positive emotions and feminine energy"

.//especially ai photography


Creation is the use of glitches as tools.

If people accept their glitches and move forward with love, beauty becomes inevitable.


The glitchybeauty collection is my second born character, maybe my first character. I don't know how time works. It is a glitch. just live


She met NFT in April 2021 and continues to work in this area.


Seray İrhan was born on 1990 in İzmir/Turkey.


*Anadolu University __ Photography__

*Marmara University __ Graphic __

*İstanbul University __ Journalism ___

Exhibitions and Events


" Montage_Vibe "  by Sloika at Superrare / "Rome" 2023 

I_am_not_art #22 Chicago_community gallery 2023

This Goes Party _ LosAngles_ ( with )

Non Fungible Conference 2023 Europe Tour (Street Exhibition)

CanadaToronto23_the Blockchain Futurist Conference

NFT NYC 2023

IamnotArt(Chicago) 2022-2023 (two times)

Gare de Bruxelles-Midi 2022 (street exhibition)

Buradan_ Haydarpaşa Train Satation_ 2017 _İstanbul

Temizlik Düşü_ Yeldeğirmeni_ 2016_ İstanbul

NFTparis23 (digital gallery) (Makerplaces)

"Hello, I'm Seray! Art is an integral part of my life, and it's the most powerful way for me to express my emotions. As a digital artist, I find myself immersed in the enchanting world of colors and forms. Focusing on feminine energy, creativity, and positive emotions, my goal is to invite viewers into their inner worlds and offer them a joyful experience through my artworks. With each piece, I strive to tell a unique story and use NFTs to directly connect with art enthusiasts. My art journey is an ongoing exploration, and I'm open to growth and constant discovery. I warmly welcome you to join me on this extraordinary artistic journey!"


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