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Glitchy Beauty:

Effervescence: A Celebration of Positive Emotions
Let's foam it, shine it, and increase it together! 💫

A collection that visually celebrates 30 positive emotions ( 30 NFTs ). With symbols of sparkling foam, glitter, and woman, this collection emphasizes the lightness, freedom, expressiveness, and fruitfulness of people's feelings. Each piece in this collection is a unique and vibrant expression of hope, love, and happiness.


Greetings, Sparkle Seekers! A new drop of positive emotions has arrived, and we're searching for the collectors to match them. You may find your match in this drop, and become part of a thrilling and exciting game. When all 30 emotions have found their match, we'll be hosting a giveaway. And the game shall begin! Join us now and embark on this mysterious journey to become the ultimate Sparkle Seeker. Are you ready?

Rarity Chart

30 Effervescence Names

trust, optimism, acceptance, love, joy, happiness, awe, confidence, tranquility, aesthetic appreciation, desire, beauty, victory, sexual desire, calm, ...

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